Lakeside Montana

There's a lake in Northwest Montana deeper than the Yellow Sea and the Persian Gulf, bigger than Lake Tahoe and every other freshwater lake in the west. It's clean, clear, and bright blue. Flathead Lake is a special place, and the people who live here know it. Lakeside, Montana, real estate faces the glacial waters on one side and Flathead National Forest lands on the other. Blacktail Mountain, a community ski area, is right in the back yard. In winter, when the lake freezes over, people ice skate, ice fish, Nordic and alpine ski, snowshoe, and snowmobile in the wilderness that stretches out in every direction. A half hour's drive north is Whitefish Mountain Resort, Northwest Montana's prize ski resort. In the summer, families swim, fish, sail, and take their boats out to tube or jetski. The water is so translucent and so deep that people travel here to scuba dive. Families sunbathe and play in the sand at public beaches or on their own private shoreline. Some nights, they cook dinner together on the porch, and others they eat out at the restaurants overlooking the Flathead. Life here revolves around the lake. How could it not, when you live on such a beautiful body of water?

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