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Whitefish Montana Property Offers Access to Incredible Mountain Biking

Whitefish is home to some of the best mountain biking in the nation. Whitefish Montana property owners and visitors make great use of the trails that wind through the wild spaces surrounding town. In 2016, the small town was dubbed the “Capital of Mountain Biking in Montana” by the popular online biking site Singletracks, whose editors wrote:

Montana is a big state with hundreds of excellent mountain bike trails to explore. The area around Whitefish, however, stands out from other towns in the state due to its location within Flathead Valley where it’s surrounded by excellent mountain bike trails on all sides.

Mountain biking in the ‘fish just got another shoutout in a four-minute long video recently posted to Outside Magazine’s website. It features breathtaking shots of Glacier National Park and riding that looks downright playful. Professional mountain bikers Joey Schusler and Craig Grant send it down singletrack laid across mountain ridges, down lush green hills, and through dense forest. They reflect: “When exploration is the goal, Whitefish, Montana, is the place to be. The trail systems are immense, and the access is unparalleled. The Whitefish community has adopted mountain biking wholeheartedly with designated park jumps, lodging for riders, and miles of trail.”

Where are the best spots to mountain bike here? There’s around 500 miles of trail in the Flathead Valley to choose from! We love Spencer Mountain, the Reid Divide Trail, and the Whitefish Trail. There’s also fast-paced downhill mountain biking available at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Pick up a summer Bike Park pass for $215, and ride more than 30 miles of lift-accessed and cross-country trails above the valley. The lifts are open daily, weather permitting, starting June 17.

Do you want world-class mountain biking in your backyard? With Whitefish Montana property, you can take a solo ride before, go on a lazy cruise after dinner, or spend any weekend day that suits your fancy outside in the sun. To start the homebuying process, give us a call, or browse Whitefish Montana Real Estate online!


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