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Big Sky Investments to Make Ski Resort a Favorite Montana Destination

There was big news recently from Big Sky Resort when they announced a 10 year plan to invest $150 million in a treasured Montana destination.

Among many developments cited in their plan are several new ski lifts with increased capacity, restaurants, and lodging.

New or improved ski lifts include a 10 person gondola and a six-person, high-speed lift that will replace the aging Lone Peak Triple lift. Another conveyor-loaded triple lift will replace the 28-year-old Challenger, which closed last season to begin improvements, and a new lift will take skiers and snowboarders up the south side of Lone Peak. Upgrades have already been made to the Ramcharger to make it more inviting to summer visitors.

Besides increased capacity and upgrades to lifts, there are also plans for a new hotel complex, several restaurants, and a new restaurant, Everett 8800, at the top.

With these investments, Big Sky Resort is targeting aging infrastructure, while also thinking of the future of the resort. They predict that 650,000 visitors will be coming to the mountain by 2025, and the plans will assure that Big Sky Resort continues to be a desirable Montana destination.

With plans for a new hotel complex, improved parking capacity, and night skiing, the upgrades will make Big Sky a world-class destination, and with investment in the ski resort comes investment in the community of Bozeman.

To preserve affordability and livability, the new plans also make considerations for improvements to employee housing and flights to Bozeman International Airport, services necessary for supporting the growth and influx of visitors

These plans are exciting news for all visitors and residents of Big Sky Resort, whether they come from out-of-state or call Montana home. Investment in their existing infrastructure and amenities preserves the resort for future generations, so Montana skiing can continue to be a desirable destination. Read more about how our great state continues to grow and become an attractive place to live and visit.

Let us know if you’re interested in checking out Big Sky and seeing if this destination could be your next residence.

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