Houses for Sale in Missoula “Brain Concentration” Area, According to Bloomberg

The smartest Americans are heading west, Bloomberg reported earlier this week. The story focuses on three cities in Colorado, but the reporters drew on some data from the Bloomberg Brain Concentration Index, which tracks business formation, as well as employment and education in STEM fields, or sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The analysis, shown in the map above, revealed metro areas across the country suffering from what Bloomberg calls “brain drain” or benefiting from “brain concentration.” And the data show a thriving community with high brain concentration in Missoula—that’s the green splotch in Montana. Find houses for sale in Missoula, one of the smartest areas in the Rocky Mountains!

The index assesses metro areas by the concentration of the full-time STEM workforce, advanced degree of Science and Engineering undergraduate degree-holders, and net business formation. Using U.S. Census Bureau data, they evaluated the top ten metro areas with populations of at least 100,000 (Missoula is home to 72,000).

Aside from the STEM fields and business, Missoula is smart in so many other ways! It’s home to the University of Montana, the flagship campus of the University of Montana system. There’s a community of artists here, too, and their work fills local galleries. The Montana Museum of Art and Culture houses the Rocky Mountain Northwest’s most prominent fine art collection. The town is always alive with music—be it the symphony, opera, or just someone playing the banjo in their backyard for the love of it. The Montana Repertory Theatre is one of the nation’s oldest professional touring companies, and the Missoula Children’s Theatre is the largest touring children’s theatre program in the world. Visit a number of museums that catalogue the history of the American West—don’t miss the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula and the National Museum of Forest Service History.

Do you want to join the smartest Americans? Make Missoula home! Give us a call to discuss houses for sale in Missoula or browse Missoula real estate online. If you are looking for more rustic living with good proximity to the city, consider Hamilton Montana real estate, just down the road from Missoula.

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