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Expedia: Kalispell MT property is in Montana’s most beautiful town

“There’s no shortage of beauty in this world, and we set out to find it. Our mission was to pinpoint the most beautiful places to travel in every state that may not be on your radar,” Chloe Mulliner, an Expedia staff writer, wrote for the travel service’s blog, viewfinder. She wanted to know: What’s the most beautiful town in every state? Her research brought her to Kalispell, Montana, where she learned something every Kalispell MT property owner knows:

Natural beauty is Kalispell’s strong suit. Nestled in the Flathead Valley, this Montana playground is within arm’s reach of Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake. Immerse yourself in the mountain scenery at Lonesome Dove Guest Ranch, where you can horseback ride along the rustic trails. Afterward, join a Main Street Walking Tour to see structures built back when it was a railroad town. The classical revival-style Carnegie Library was built in 1903, while the Masonic Temple dates back to 1904.

Other towns that made the list include Maui, Hawaii and Stowe, Vermont—but they don’t have anything on Kalispell! Like Mulliner mentioned, Glacier National Park is just a short drive away. But she left out a whole lot of other wild land that makes the region beautiful. The Flathead National Forest covers 2,404,935 acres to the east of the valley, and some 1 million acres of it is designated wilderness. Some of that land reaches into the Bob Marshall Wilderness complex, which is one of the most remote and untraveled swaths of land in Northwest Montana. There’s also the 2.2 million-acre Kootenay National Forest, which expands to the west. We also love the beauty found on the waters of Whitefish Lake and Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the west, and  is on the mighty Flathead River.

Natural beauty is all around us in Kalispell! If you’d like to make this Montana’s most beautiful town home, call us today or browse for Kalispell Real Estate online.

PHOTO: Kalispell MT property, featuring 220 MT Hwy 206

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