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Q3 Market Stats for Kalispell and Northwest Montana Property

It’s almost winter in Montana and the 3rd quarter has ended. With only a few months left in the year, we’ve had a great one so far! Comparing quarter 3 this year to quarter 3 last year shows us how much growth the market is experiencing. The forecast is looking good for Northwest and Kalispell Real Estate!

In Western Montana, the amount of residential sales increased from 1527 to 1684, more than a hundred and fifty more homes were sold! And even though the land’s total volume went down, the buyer’s market is still interested with an increase in both the amount of sales and the overall median price.

Western Montana 3rd Quarter Market Stats

Lakeside and Polson residential sales boast a monstrous increase in their total volume, nearly $14.5 million increase between the two of them. Notably, the median price for land in Lakeside/Somers has rocketed from $64,100 to $104,500. That’s an indicator of a strong and healthy market. Our real estate agents are doing excellent in every other category as well with all sectors in both residential and land showing some form of increase in sales.

Lakeside and Polson Market Stats


Wow! The Kalispell and Columbia Falls markets are doing incredible this quarter! Kalispell real estate holds a $26 million dollar increase in their total residential sales volume and a $2.6 million dollar growth in their land sales! While Columbia Falls is sitting on an equally impressive $6 million dollar growth in residential total volume and a $2 million dollar growth in land total volume. Residential Whitefish is experiencing some healthy market expansion as well, with an increase of nearly 20 more homes that led to a $6 million dollar increase in total volume.

Kalispell Real Estate Stats

Overall it looks like the Northwest is gearing up for a bountiful winter of sales! If you want to come join in on the Kalispell and Northwest Montana real estate frenzy, give us a call today! Or you can always browse online for Kalispell Real Estate, Whitefish Real Estate, Bigfork Real Estate, Lakeside Real Estate, and Polson Real Estate.

For a complete view of northwest Montana’s Q3 market stats, please click here:

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