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Q3 Market Stats for Bitterroot Valley and Missoula Real Estate

Welcome the oncoming winter in Montana! We can look forward to a comfortable blanket of snow in the upcoming weeks while watching the leaves swirl in the autumnal wind. The third quarter statistics for the Missoula area in 2017 are out which means we can analyze how well the Missoula real estate market is doing in comparison to 2016.

In Western Montana, the amount of residential sales increased from 1527 to 1684, more than a hundred and fifty more homes were sold! And even though the land’s total volume of sales went down, the buyer’s market is still interested with an increase in both the amount of sales and the overall median price.

Western Montana Market Statistics


Residential Missoula has a healthy market right now with a $13 million dollar increase in total volume, and an overall increase in median price and amount of sales! The land market is still healthy as demonstrated by the increase in median price.

Missoula Real Estate Statistics

Hamilton is booming right now! The land sector is surging with growth. The number of sales jumped from 7 to 22 which correlated in more than a 300% jump in growth in total volume of sales. Residential Hamilton is strong too, with an increase in all positive categories, most impressive was the jump to a $244,950 median sale price.

Hamilton Market Statistics

The neighboring towns full information is below. We’ll be keeping a close watch on this growth and potential in land sales signaled by the increase in total volume in both Lolo and Corvallis.

Market Statistics 2017

The Hamilton and Missoula real estate offices  are continuing the strong start it had this year and is leading towards a good finish! We’ll continue to deliver the best real estate experiences in Montana so call us today! Or you can always browse online for Missoula real estate and Hamilton real estate.

For a full look at our Missoula and Bitterroot Q3 market stats, please click here:

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