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Bozeman is #1 Micropolitan Economy for Start-Ups | Montana property for sale

Bozeman’s micropolitan economy has been making waves this year—a national research firm found it was the STRONGEST economy of its size in the United States—and the city’s accolades keep stacking up! Bozeman now leads 536 U.S. Micropolitan Areas in new business startups, according to the most recent census data, as assessed by Nate Shivar of ShivarWeb. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are considering Montana property for sale, you’ll find yourself in good company in Bozeman!

“Micropolitan areas are true small cities… that hit a sweet spot between being small and self-contained and being a popular place to start a new business,” Shivar writes. “The Bozeman area has a population of 111,876, and lies at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park along with the largest ski resorts and outdoor opportunities in the United States. The town regularly appears as the ‘Best Small Town in America’ lists. With all the entrepreneurs and economic growth moving to Bozeman – I’m not surprised to see it top this list as well.”

Shivar cites a handful of booming Bozeman-businesses:

  • Schedulicity, an online appointment scheduling platform for discovering and booking local services
  • Quiq, a customer service messaging platform
  • Absaroka Energy Company, a provider of clean renewable energy

So, why are Micropolitan areas—and Bozeman in particular—so attractive to entrepreneurs? A press release about the Shivar report sums it up:

“Increased housing costs and congestion in major U.S. metropolitan areas has created an uptick in entrepreneurs reinvesting in America’s small cities. But some small cities are doing much better than others at attracting and growing a base of new startups using local institutions, local assets, remote work technology, and local business communities. The 20 most popular Micropolitan Areas highlighted in the new report account for more than 15% of all business startups, even though they only represent 3% of all Micropolitan Areas.”

If you are a savvy entrepreneur who’s looking to branch out in a beautiful place where you can be inspired by other creative minds, you should be thinking about Bozeman, Montana property for sale! Our local agents would love to start the conversation with you, or you can always browse online for Bozeman real estate, or widen your search to other pockets of Southwest Montana, like Big Sky Montana real estate, Livingston real estate, and Ennis real estate.

PHOTO: Bozeman, Montana property for sale, featuring 201 & 201 1/2 N Black Avenue. For more information, contact Jackie Miller at (406) 539-5003.

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