Give Big Gallatin Valley

PureWest Supports Give Big Gallatin Valley Campaign

PureWest is excited to share the success of Give Big Gallatin Valley, the Bozeman Area Community Foundation’s 24-hour campaign to raise funds for local non-profits. This year’s event pulled in $1.2 million from more than 4,700 donors, which will support 194 non-profits, including Gallatin Valley Land Trust and Eagle Mount Bozeman. As a Community Leader sponsor, the PureWest Bozeman office sponsored $2,500, and many agents made additional personal contributions.

“We were honored to sponsor the Kickoff Celebration and this incredible community event. Give Big has established itself as a cornerstone to giving in our community, engaging people from all walks of life to give to causes they are passionate about,” Valerie Erwin, PureWest marketing coordinator, said. “Year over year, this event has proven to grow our community’s affinity for giving back and elevating all non-profits, allowing their message to spread far and wide.  What an incredible community.  If you’re looking for the definition of ‘pure Montana’, it’s Give Big.”

In the last three years, the Gallatin community raised $1,361,272.01 in unrestricted funding through 10,056 gifts, according to the Bozeman Area Community Foundation. Last year, Give Big raised $707,775, exceeding its goal of $500,000. This year, we did even better, beating a $1 million goal.

“I think it shows that our area is incredibly invested in this place that we get to call home, and they recognize that our non-profits are such an important part of our community,”Bozeman Area Community Foundation Executive Director Bridget Wilkinson told KBZK News. “They are part of the life blood that makes this place so special, and so to have a day to just celebrate those organizations I think is really exemplary of how special the community we live in is.”

PHOTO: Trent Lister, Greg Smith, Wallis Bryan, Valerie Erwin, Jennifer Boutsianis, Sandy Revisky and Kimberly Knapp at the Give Big Gallatin Valley Kick-off Party at Bozeman Taproom May 3

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