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Shopping Bozeman Homes? Here’s Four Reasons to Move to Southwest Montana

Bozeman isn’t exactly under-the-radar. It’s been in the news so often for being an amazing place to live that, a few years ago, this one Bozeman resident wrote up a tongue-in-cheek list of reasons to not move here (#10: The supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park). But all the positive buzz is well-deserved! We think that people who own Bozeman homes are some of the luckiest folk around. So, why should you purchase property in Bozeman? In no particular order…

  1. Home to Montana State University. Bozeman is a college town, which draws young thinkers and inspired doers, who often set down roots and build their careers here. The university, ranked among the nation’s top schools, also offers opportunity for researchers, creators, and innovators. According to Livability, more than 98.1 percent of residents have earned high school diplomas or higher. Having the college here also builds strong community— Go Cats!
  2. Entrepreneurial Spirit. In all industries, but especially in the tech sector! This year, Bozeman ranked as the nation’s #1 strongest micropolitan economy (a population-based categorization). Only a few years ago, in 2015, Bozeman ranked 20th, which handily demonstrates the amount of momentum behind the current growth trend in Southwest Montana.
  3. Year-Round Access to the Great Outdoors. Hike, bike, ski, fish, float, climb… you can do it all here. Public land—a.k.a. your personal playground—sprawls out in every direction. Just start with National Geographic’s bucket-list of 10 things to do in Bozeman, and the Kodak memories will pile up.
  4. Excellent Healthcare, Airport, and Schools. All the non-negotiable stuff. Livability ranks Bozeman highly in healthy lifestyles and affordability of healthcare. Nearly 20 non-stop flights connect Bozeman to major cities across the U.S. And, as one metric for the strength of its public schools, Bozeman students this year had the highest marks on the college entrance ACT exams, compared to students from other similar-sized schools.

If this sounds like the place you’d want to live, you should be looking at Bozeman homes! A local PureWest agent can help you get started, or you can always browse online for Bozeman real estate.

PHOTO: Bozeman homes, featuring 405 S Tracy Avenue. For more information, contact Mike Schlauch at (406) 580-8380.

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