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Bozeman MT Property Owners, Meet Mr. Bozeman

Do you know the history of Mr. Bozeman, the man who founded the city that has become the heart of Southwest Montana? His story is one all Bozeman MT property owners should know!

** This story is from our newest issue of Pure Montana magazine. Read more here. **

Tall tales of the gold-rich Rocky Mountains drew John Bozeman west from Georgia in the early 1860s. His mining claims in Colorado failed within a year, and so the 25-year-old set out for Montana, where he’d heard stories of even greater untapped gold deposits in the hills of the Treasure State. Records don’t indicate whether his bid to strike it rich was successful. Rather, the man went down in history for his trek over what would later be named Bozeman Pass. While the established routes between Montana and Colorado were long and roundabout, Bozeman’s new byway, which utilized existing Crow Tribe north-south trails, was direct and swift. He met his end on the trail only a few years later, in 1867. His partner, another miner named Tom Cover, later claimed that Bozeman had been killed during an attack, but some believe that Cover killed Bozeman himself. Nevertheless, the Georgia goldminer’s legacy has persevered in the heart of Southwest Montana. Today, all roads lead to Bozeman.

For more local history, we recommend visiting the Gallatin History Museum, located on West Main street in Bozeman. The museum offers “a unique glimpse into the area’s past,” with realistic exhibits, a photo archive containing more than 25,000 images, a research library, bookstore, and more. The museum is operated by the Gallatin Historical Society, which was founded in 1977.

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