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2017 vs 2018: Growth in Southwest Montana, including Livingston and Ennis Montana Real Estate

2019 has gotten off to a beautiful start in Northwest Montana. We’ve enjoyed sunny, brisk mornings and evening after evening of jaw-dropping alpenglow. Winter temperatures haven’t been too harsh, and now, in the heart of the season, we’re cross country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and more. But we’re not here to talk about that! The data is in, comparing neighborhood statistics from 2018 against 2017! The Southwest had a strong year across all regions, including in our smaller communities like Livingston and Ennis Montana Real Estate.

Let’s start there—with growth in Ennis, a fly-fishing destination a bit off the beaten path. Compared to 2017, land sales in 2018 increased by 43.8 percent, and the total volume of those sales increased by 42.5 percent, from $4.4 million to $6.4 million. There was more modest growth in residential sales, with an 18.3 percent increase in median price over 2017.

In Livingston, a small town located on the Yellowstone River north of Yellowstone National Park, growth in land sales also outpaced residential, with the median price jumping up 32.3 percent in 2018, to $90,000. The median price did also increase for residential sales, by 11.7 percent.

The same trends continued in Bozeman, the region’s biggest city, with the median prices of land sales jumping up 47.6 percent, from $108,400 to $160,000. The median price of residential sales grew as well, by 11.9 percent, as did the total volume of those sales, by 10.9 percent in 2018.

Nearby, in the fast-growing town of Belgrade, the median price of land sales in 2018 increased by a massive 68 percent, from $87,500 in 2017 to $147,000 in 2018. The total volume of those sales increased by 20.4 percent over 2017. In residential sales, the median price increased by 7.8 percent, and the total volume also bumped up, by 9.7 percent.

Last but not least, greater Big Sky, also repoerted a bump in the median price of land sales, in this case by 29.7 percent, from $258,750 in 2017 to $335,750 in 2018. Over on the residential side of the market, the number of sales increased by 5.2 percent, and the median price posted a gain of 32 percent.

If the growth in the Southwest Montana market has piqued your interest in local property, whether your dream is a downtown Bozeman townhouse, or expansive Ennis Montana real estate, contact our local agents! You can always browse online for Ennis real estate, Livingston real estate, Bozeman real estate, and Big Sky Montana real estate.

PHOTO: Ennis Montana real estate, featuring 317 Riverview Drive. For more information, contact Dawn Myrvik at (406) 579-1298.

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