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Bozeman MT Property: City #1 Strongest Micropolitan Economy

For the second year in a row, Southwest Montana’s major city has been recognized as an economic powerhouse by a national research firm. Politicom recently announced Bozeman as the #1 strongest micropolitan economy in the United States. Nationwide, there are currently 551 micropolitan statistical areas, defined as urbanized areas with a population between 10,000 and 50,000. Bozeman MT property owners reap many benefits from this thriving economy!

In 2015, Bozeman ranked as the 20th strongest micropolitan in the country. Over the past few years, the city has seen a growth trend, moving steadily up the ranks before landing in the #1 position in 2018. Other Montana cities to make the list this year include Kalispell (#14) and Helena (#49). Local BKZK news team asks the question: What is Bozeman doing that other places aren’t?

Economic Development Director Brit Fontenot told newscasters that Bozeman’s priorities are “focusing on the fundamentals, and for the City of Bozeman that means infrastructure and driving development with our infrastructure. The second would be workforce development and education and then, thirdly, supporting our local businesses. Those are the three primary areas the City of Bozeman works on.”

Daryl Schliem, Bozeman Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, also weighed in on Bozeman’s growth trends.

“By the end of 2020, if that census comes in to show that we’re 50,000 and over, and now we’re going to be in competition with the major metroplexes that are out there, I don’t think that’s a big concern with us,” he said. “When you arrive here you still feel like it’s small-town Bozeman. So hopefully we can be able to continue to grow, grow the types of jobs, high paying jobs, but also keep the feel of what Bozeman, Montana has to offer to the family.”

If living in a strong micropolitan appeals to you, consider Bozeman MT property! This Southwest Montana offers incredible access to wilderness experiences, plus all the cultural benefits of living in an urbanized area. Browse Bozeman real estate now. If you’re interested in more secluded property that’s close to the city, we recommend Big Sky Montana real estate, Ennis real estate, or Livingston real estate.

PHOTO: Bozeman MT property, featuring Lot 6 The Homestead. For more information, contact Mike Schlauch at (406) 580-8380.

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