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Missoula, Bozeman Montana Real Estate Offers Good Winter Access to Hot Springs

Winter in Montana comes on fast. Suddenly, you’re fishing the fur-lined jacket out of storage and pulling on mittens whenever you leave the house. It’s perfect timing with the holiday season, with the trees are trimmed  beautifully in gold and all the streets coated in pristine white. It gets chilly quickly in December (all the better for skiers!) but what if you’re feeling cozy? Sure, you can cuddle up by the fireplace, but in Montana, you can also retreat to a hot spring. Natural spas dot the entire Rocky Mountain range, but Missoula and Bozeman Montana real estate, in particular, offer quick access throughout the winter season. Trips to Discover recently shared a list of the state’s best hot springs for beating winter’s chill—and wherever you live in the Big Sky state, you might consider a road trip!

Hot Springs Near Bozeman Real Estate:

Chico Hot Springs, in Pray, “offers a relaxed atmosphere for soaking in the soothing warm waters.” For the epicureans among us, it’s also a “popular spot for sipping wine and enjoying fine cuisine.” It’s got history: the main lodge was established in 1900, and today, the atmosphere strikes a balance between rustic and modern.

Norris Hot Springs, in Norris, is home to “Water of the Gods.” These are the mineral springs that pump Norris’ 38,000-gallon pool. A cool water sprayer system “creates the ideal soak” by cooling the 120-degree water down to approx. 100 degrees.

Hot Springs Near Missoula Real Estate:

Lolo Hot Springs Resort, in the Lolo National Forest, has a series of pool offering different temperatures, varying from 102 to 106 degrees. Stay the night in a tent, RV, or cabin. Retrace history: Lewis and Clark reportedly passed through here on their great voyage west.

Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, in Paradise, is TRULY in paradise. Soak in any of its six hot pools, then tuck into a slow-roasted prime rib for dinner. The Clark Fork River runs nearby, offering the opportunity for a combination of cold and hot soaks during your stay, all the better for your health!

For the rest of the list, visit Trips to Discover’s List of Montana’s Top 8 Hot Springs. If you’re interested in Missoula or Bozeman Montana real estate, give us a call!

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