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Bozeman Homes for Sale in “Booming Tech Town”

Bozeman is a tech oasis surrounded by wild lands that stretch out toward nearly every side of the compass. It’s not Los Angeles or Silicon Valley, and for that, Bozemanites are thankful. Here, techies don’t have to choose between a robust, challenging industry and a life they love. Jake Bullinger, a writer for Fast Company, recently highlighted Bozeman’s best-of-both-worlds lifestyle. As the economy continues growing, Bozeman homes for sale will be filled with families, brilliant entrepreneurs, and folks ushering the big sky city into a new era.

As Bullinger wrote in his story, “How Tiny Bozeman, Montana, Became a Booming Tech Town”:

Bozeman (pop. 43,405) has long been a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts; count [Andrew Hull, the founder and president of marketing consulting firm Elixiter,] an avid cyclist, among those ranks. But the small city has also earned another reputation as a boomtown for entrepreneurs, many in high technology. Thanks in part to its natural amenities, the presence of a university, and an embrace of the digital economy, Bozeman is turning into a startup hub in the middle of nowhere.The place is incomprehensibly scenic, even by Montana standards, situated in a spot where four mountain ranges decide enough is enough and relax into a fertile valley.

The article discusses Bozeman’s past, which, like many Montana towns, is rooted in the agriculture and tourism economies. But in the late nineties, there was a shift (that occurred across the country), when business owners realized that Internet offered the connectivity to live wherever they wanted and still get the job done. And why wouldn’t they live in the most beautiful place they could?  So, the tech-savvy started migrating, in a “wave of founders,” Bullinger writes, someplace where the quality of life was better—someplace like Bozeman. And they stayed. They are happy. Lifetime retention rates are “preposterously high” when compared to larger metros, Bullinger notes.

Do you want to be a part of the rural tech revolution here under the big sky? Visit Bozeman homes for sale today! Call a PureWest agent, or browse Bozeman real estate online.

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