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Q3 Market Stats for Bozeman Real Estate

Hello Fall in southwest Montana! As always, the weather keeps us on our toes, but doesn’t hinder the seemingly endless amount of things to do, sights to see, places to visit and Montana real estate to digest. We’ve just published our quarter 3 market stats for the Bozeman real estate area and wanted to share those numbers with you.

Comparing these sales to the third quarter of 2016 gives us a good benchmark to see how Bozeman, Montana property market is faring and it seems, it’s in excellent condition.

In Bozeman, specifically, the number of residential units sold has decreased, but the median home price jumped up $30,000. Notably, Bozeman saw a few larger, higher-end subdivision lots and developments get approved and brought to market this year, which drove that number up a bit.

Bozeman’s nearby bedroom communities of Belgrade (right next door) and Livingston (just down the road) are experiencing exponential growth and are very hot real estate markets! In Belgrade, 20 more residential units sold this quarter compared to last year with the median home price rising $20,000. In Livingston, this market saw 30 more residential home sales this year than last year’s Q3. Median home price is up and the volume is nearly double! Livingston land units sold is also way up with 33 more in Q3 2017, with an increase in total volume of $1,000,000.


For a full look at Bozeman, Ennis, Big Sky, Livingston’s residential and land sales comparisons of Q3 2017 to Q3 2016, please click here:



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