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Shopping Bozeman Homes for Sale? Here’s Your Intro to Regional History.

You might be shopping Southwest Montana and Bozeman homes for sale because you heard how strong the city’s economy is, or maybe because of the amazing recreation (including blue-ribbon fly fishing and iconic powder skiing). Or maybe it’s the rich Western culture that draws you. For the Montana neophytes, we put together this super-speedy primer on geologic and human history… going all the way back to beginning.

** This story is from the current issue of Pure Montana magazine. Read more here. **

—Precambrian era (4,600 million years ago): Igneous rocks, created during the formation of the earth, cool and form the “basement” of Southwest Montana. Over the next few million years, the region’s character changes dramatically, at times covered by ocean, sandy dunes, tidal flats, and plains.

—Cenozoic era (66 million years ago): Geologic uplift, faulting, and volcanism creates widespread mountains from many-layered sedimentary rocks. Glaciation later shapes these mountains into forms we’d recognize today.

—2.1 million years ago: First Yellowstone “supervolcano” eruption.

—11,000 years ago: Human history in the Yellowstone region dates back at least this far, possibly even up to 14,000 years ago, when Ice Age coverage retreated. Oral histories and archaeological evidence indicate the presence of ancestors to 26 contemporary tribes, like the Shoshone and Crow, in the Yellowstone region.

—Early 1800s: European Americans begin to explore the Northern Rockies in earnest.

1850s: Cattle ranching begins in Western Montana.

1862: Gold rush begins in Montana.

1864: Territory of Montana incorporated, and the town of Bozeman platted.

1889: Montana admitted to the union as 41st state.

1872: Yellowstone established as world’s first national park.

1880: First train enters Montana.

1893: Montana State University established.

Early 1900s: Montana homesteading population booms.

1955: Bridger Bowl Ski Area opens.

1973: Big Sky Resort opens.

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