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Big Sky Montana Property Served by Local Favorite, Gallatin Alpine Sports

Big Sky is a bucket-list destination for mountain bikers, skiers, hikers, rafters—really, for anybody who likes to go outside, and to go far. After all, Big Sky Montana property is just the beginning: a whole beautiful world waits literally right outside the door. And before you get outdoors, you need to get the gear. Enter Tom Owen, owner of Gallatin Alpine Sports. After more than two decades in the business, Owen was recently recognized by Freehub Magazine as part of a video series called Montana Treasures.

“Montana Treasures is a series about a few of the many people who embody the state’s greater mountain bike scene through their actions and endeavors,” a Freehub editor wrote. “Through the retail world, [Owen] shares… the opportunities to explore public lands with everyone who walks into his shop.”

In business since 1995, Gallatin Alpine Sports is a community staple. It’s known as the premier place to rent or demo bikes and skis and boats in Big Sky. Locals visit for a tune-up of their gear, for any repairs, or just to talk about trip plans. Owen, a transplant from Tennessee, wrote on his shop’s website that he doesn’t know if he could be happy without Southwest Montana’s public lands. He made his home here just 15 minutes from nearly endless wilderness—”an amazing sanctuary for recreation,” as he writes—and he learned quickly that home is where the heart is.

As he says in the video, “you couldn’t find a better place to do all that stuff…There’s 3 and a half million acres of federal land, which is a gigantic playground. We’re here because we love it.”

“More and more, people are finding out: Big Sky’s not a secret anymore,” he continues. “Montana’s not a secret. At the end of day, it’s about quality of life.”

If quality of life is important to you, you’d fit right in here! Give us a call today to discuss Southwest and Big Sky Montana property, or browse Big Sky Montana real estate now.

PHOTO: Big Sky Montana property, featuring 103 Cascade Ridge. For more information, contact Sandy Revisky at (406) 539-6316.

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